Men’s Style Guide

Men’s Fashion

 1840 – 1850
Coats Extra-long, narrow sleeves
Shirt Dress: tailored white cotton; narrow sleeves; small collar turned up under a tie. Work: colors and pattern or smocks.
Necktie Ties in a horizontal bowknot, dark-coloured.
Trousers Fly-front
Hair & Beard Ear-length, parted high at one side; clean shaven but fringe beards





 1850 – 1860
Coats Generous cut; vests.
Shirt Collar turned over the tie. Work: colours and patterns. Dress; pleated starched bib fronts. Shirt fronts could be purchased.
Necktie 2” wide, half-bow
Trousers Fly-front, wide pant legs
Hair & Beard Clean shaven; end of decade full beards appear. Oiled hair, long on top, side part, combed into wave at centre of forehead; collar length; ears covered later in the decade.





 1860 – 1870
Coats Long, overlarge sack coats.
Shirt Collars folded down around the neck; white, stripes and plaids
Necktie Narrow.
Trousers Wide, longer at the heel; suspenders common.
Hair & Beard Chin whiskers; hair at ear level in back side part.





 1870 – 1880
Coats Shorter and close-fitting; narrower, buttoned at top button only to show vest.
Shirt Made without collars; collars purchased. White, blue, red, black or grey stripes, small plaids.
Necktie Wide and tied in a loose knot; ends overlap. Striped.
Accessories Fur hats and coats.




 1880 – 1890
Coats Short sacks; narrow sleeves high on shoulder.
Shirt White.
Necktie Variety of ties, wide and soft.
Trousers Narrow with no creases.





 1890 – 1900
Coats Narrow, small coats; buttoned all the way to the top.
Shirt White shirts, trim-fitted collars, small and stiff; toward end of decade collar may be very high and stiff.
Necktie Black bow ties: narrow ties of black or patterns.
Trousers Narrow.
Hair & Beard Short haircuts; large moustaches.





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